How does free web hosting make money?

Web servers make money with these accounts. Most free hosting providers insert ads on their website. Every time someone visits your page, they'll earn a small amount of money, which they'll keep. Some hosting companies even insert affiliate links on these pages so they can earn even more.

You can definitely benefit from web hosting because people need hosting and are willing to pay for it. Free hosting never works for companies and they will switch to paid hosting. You have to find a way to stand out from the crowd and be the host that companies want to work with first. Being a web hosting provider for resellers is a great way to make money because all you need is to pay for hosting at an affordable price and then resell it for a higher price.

Web hosting is necessary because it is the way in which companies attract their visitors, deliver their ideas, products and services to the world and allows companies to do business online, either by showing information to the world, selling products on e-commerce sites or simply offering tools to do business through chat, instant messaging or contact forms. In general, these free web hosting services do not allow users to place advertising banners on websites. Web hosting is what companies need to get their company's websites up and running, which is the way their current and potential customers must access to communicate and collect information. Companies have endless web hosting options, but they want to work with one that offers excellent customer service, affordable prices, and a guarantee that their security will be protected and downtime will be minimal.

The only way to have a business website is to have a reliable web host that offers a server to set up a site. Hosting is already very cheap (I use a cheap buyvm shared plan, a reseller account with 125 GB of space costs about 5 dollars). Free hosting with injected ads or terrible server uptime (oversold) is simply not good. Web hosting consumes quite a lot of resources, as I understand it, but I wrote free hosting to see what would come up.

In addition, a custom domain name will definitely look more professional than a subdomain from a free web hosting service provider. Two decades ago, when the Internet was a fairly new term for many people, the web hosting service was mainly available for server use by large companies.