Who hosts a domain?

Generally, the host of your domain is the person from whom you purchased your domain name. If you don't remember who is the host of your domain, search your email files for billing records about registering or transferring your domain name. Your domain host appears on your bill. Enter a domain name or URL to find out which web hosting company is hosting the website.

Search our database of more than 5000 web hosting companies. Domain servers use Domain Name System (DNS) records to connect your domain name to email, websites, and other web services. And if the web host doesn't meet the required standards, you should get compensation to mitigate the loss. Windows Hosting is a hosting account that uses Windows as a server platform and allows you to use software such as MS FrontPage, ColdFusion and MSSQL.

Domain parking simply means that the owner of a domain name has not identified or does not know the IP addresses of the servers that will host their website and wants to reserve the name for later use. But which web hosting services are the best for your needs? A student may need something cheap with basic options and, perhaps, monthly plans.