Why web hosting?

The code, images, videos and text that make up a website must be stored somewhere. Without a stable digital repository, none of us would be able to consistently access content on the web. When a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files, they are hosting a website.

Web hosting

creates the files that make up a website (code, images, etc.).

Every website you have visited is hosted on a server. For many websites, web hosting is provided by a website hosting company that has many servers where companies can rent. You pay a monthly or annual fee and the hosting company keeps your website up and running. When you choose a web host, you don't just pay for space on a server.

Web servers also offer many additional features and tools that you can use for your website. Most web hosting services have an automated process for installing databases such as forums, blogs, calendars, and more. Another feature that most website owners want is an email address that links directly to the site. This email is easier to remember and is therefore less likely to get lost in someone's inbox.