Who is hosting web page?

Your web hosting is where your code, files, images, videos, etc. reside. A quick way to find your web host is to search for the A-Record DNS. An easy way to find your web host is to search for the DNS information in your A record.

These companies don't need web hosting services, so they can purchase domains directly from one of the many domain registrars. If your site uses a firewall or CDN, the A record that appears may be different from that of your current web host. Domain names can be purchased through domain registrars, although many companies purchase them through the same company that provides their web hosting. Finding out the details of the web host is easier than ever, no matter what corner of the Internet you are in.

Your web host provides and maintains reliable servers that ensure that your visitors have constant access to your site. When you purchase a domain through a registrar or web hosting company, you can pay an additional fee to keep your WHOIS data private.